Michael Kupietzky

The Hadas Spice Box


The greatest tool we have for appreciation is the ability to distinguish and differentiate. Thus the Havdalah ceremony heightens one’s appreciation of the
Sabbath as it distinguishes between Sabbath and the rest of the week. It is in this ceremony that one blesses the fragrance of the spice “Borei minei besamim,” (creator of various kinds of spice).

Rabbi Shimon Ben Lakish said, “On the eve of the Sabbath, the Holy One, blessed be He, gives everyone an additional soul, and on the termination of the Sabbath, withdraws it from him” (Talmud Bavli). The spices, whose fragrance we inhale, serves as a source of comfort at the loss of the additional soul. Therefore, it is customary for each person to inhale the fragrance.

With this concept in mind, the artist created a unique spice container. A sterling silver myrtle branch, known for its savory fragrance, was used to house the spice. Placed on top of a stone base is a sterling silver triangle adorned with the blessing of the spice “Borei minei besamim.” Three leaves were used to harmonize the myrtle branch with its base. Six sets of three hollow leaves embody the spice. The vein-like fashion of the leaf enables the fragrance to be enjoyed. The top of each leaf shifts to the side in order to be replenished. The stem of each triplet has a groove to ensure that each trio offsets the next, just like the natural growth of the myrtle. Crowning the branch is a flower bud that unscrews to allow the leaves to be dispensed. A glass and silver triangular casing prevents the fragrance from evaporating.

Each work is signed and numbered by the artist and is available in a limited edition. Made from Sterling Silver and Stone with a wood base.


  • Spice Box:
    • Height 16 cm
    • Width: 7 cm
  • Casing:
    • Height: 27 cm
    • Width: 17 cm

Please note: This item is a custom order and will be ready to ship in 8-10 weeks from the time of order.

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About This Artist

Michael Kupietzky

Michael Kupietzky is a world renowned artist whose work can be seen in major Jewish museums and galleries in Europe, North America and Israel.

Michael was born in the United States in 1967 and immigrated to Israel with his family shortly before the 1973 Yom Kippur war. It soon became evident that he possessed manual dexterity and artistic talent.

In addition to yeshiva studies, Michael participated in a crafts-development program, in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem and at Bar Ilan University. He worked as an apprentice with stone masons Glaziers and silversmiths. Always keeping in mind the Bauhaus principle, "form follows function", Michael creates art that is up-to-date incorporating the latest technology and design innovations.

The vibrancy of his work and the striking simplicity of his designs place him on the cutting edge of contemporary design and the detailed craftsmanship on the traditional side of Jewish design. The shared quality in his work is the meaning behind the design. Through his background and thorough knowledge of classic Jewish texts and traditions, Michael is inspired to create works of art.

Michael also designs building interiors, Arks, custom made washing stations and memorials that embody the feeling and warmth of his personal Jewish experience. In his designs, Michael creates not only beautiful but functional and meaningful works of art.

Today Michael resides in the Judean Hills outside of Jerusalem, with his wife and children.

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