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The Diamond Bible: Yam Suf



The Yam Suf Diamond Bible contains 45 natural diamonds and a total of 1.00 Carat

The diamonds are G color quality or greater, with VS clarity or higher. They have undergone excellent cutting and polishing. Every OrYahalom Diamond Bible comes with a gemological certification from www.in-light.io.

All decorative work on the diamond bible is done by hand. The diamonds are set in 925 silver using a first-of-its-kind Signature Setting that optimally showcases their brilliance. All jewelry work in the bible is done through a proprietary technique developed by OrYahalom.

The cover’s design and artwork are OrYahalom’s exclusive creation and are inspired by the Torah. The binding and leather work are done by renowned Judaica craftsman Shevach and Sons. The leather used in the bibles is all-natural and is imported from Europe.

The bibles featured in the collection are the Koren Jerusalem edition. The bible’s dimensions are 13 x 21 cm. (5.1 x 8.2 inches). Each bible arrives in a unique packaging and includes stands for display purposes. Your bible may be personalized to include a dedication.


The splitting of the Yam Suf, or the Sea of Reeds, was a watershed moment in human history and in the Jewish national consciousness. Witnessed by millions of individuals who left Egypt, this supernatural event was a triumph of spirit over matter. The splitting of the sea epitomized Divine control over nature and fused all those present into a union with the One God of Israel. The deep spiritual metamorphosis at Yam Suf was essentially the Israelites’ birth as a nation.

Just as individual drops of water join to form a powerful current, the 45 shimmering diamonds in the bible’s binding converge into a precise one-carat diamond. The numerical value of גאולה, the Hebrew word for redemption, is 45. Redemption was the ultimate purpose of the miracle at the Sea of Reeds. Once redeemed, the fragmented group of individuals transformed into a faithful, unified collective that placed its trust in God alone. The Yam Suf Diamond Bible encapsulates the momentous shift of the Jewish people into a cohesive, believing nation.

“Man is but a drop in the ocean, but the drops of the ocean flow towards unity like a river.” – Yaron Shmerkin, designer of the Yam Suf Diamond Bible.

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About This Artist

Or Yahalom

The “Beresheet” Collection is Or Yahalom’s initial series of six luxury bibles adorned with genuine diamonds in breathtaking designs.

The luster of diamonds illuminates the divine light of the Torah. The letters in the word diamond, “yahalom” or “יהלום” echo those in the name of God, “Elohim” or “אלוהים”. By combining the Torah and diamonds, OrYahalom sheds new light on the role of each one in the universe. 

Diamonds are the ultimate substance formed from nothingness, black carbon transformed into brilliant white light. They are the material through which we can best comprehend God’s creation of the world as well as the inner light of the soul. A polished diamond expresses mankind’s ability to partner with God in creation. OrYahalom celebrates the bond between the Torah and diamonds, both of which emanate their mutual light to all of humanity.

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